Ayurveda for Acne

Ayurveda For Acne

Ayurveda for acne treatment can be an effective way to heal chronic skin breakouts. Acne is often seen as a minor health issue not worthy of much concern. But for those who have struggled with acne, it can be extremely challenging and emotionally damaging. Importantly, acne is also an indication that something is amiss with the body, especially when it occurs adults. It is related to a disruption in the digestive process, impaired liver function, and a buildup of toxins in the body. Fortunately, all of these problems can be addressed and acne can be healed using ayurveda.

The Root of Acne

Minor acne can be worsened by an imbalance of any of the three doshas, but the Pitta dosha is the most strongly involved, especially for more severe acne. Pitta acne is characterized by redness, inflammation, and excess heat. Kapha acne is related to oiliness, and Vata acne is characterized by dryness. Pitta imbalance is at the root of all acne and Pitta-dominant people are more likely to experience acne when imbalanced. However, acne can occur in anyone, regardless of dominant dosha, if Pitta is out of balance. Ayurvedic face mapping tells us where acne tends to manifest when different doshas are dominant.

Acne on the forehead is common in Vata-dominant individuals, while acne around the mouth, chin, and neck is common in Kapha-dominant individuals. In those who are Pitta-dominant, acne appears in the cheek and nose area, where much of heat originates in the face. An imbalance in Pitta is also responsible for most body acne, such as that found on the chest, back, and shoulders. Using Ayurveda for acne treatment begins with identifying your dominant dosha and any constitutional imbalances. Continue reading “Ayurveda for Acne”