10 Ways to Balance Vata During Vata Season

Vata season

How to Balance Vata During Vata Season

As we progress further into fall and rapidly approach winter, the weather in many regions is becoming cold and dry, and along with that comes increased Vata. Fall and early winter are considered Vata season, with the cold, dry, clear, and moving qualities that characterize Vata. If you have a Vata-dominant constitution, it is important to keep these qualities in balance. Doing so will ensure that you stay healthy, energetic, and creative.

However, if Vata becomes imbalanced in the body, you are prone to mental and physical disorders that are more common in Vata-dominant individuals. These include anxiety, depression, joint pain, dry skin, and constipation. In order to maintain physical and mental health, it is essential to keep Vata qualities balanced during Vata season.

Use these 10 strategies to maintain optimal health during Vata season: Continue reading “10 Ways to Balance Vata During Vata Season”

Your Guide to a Powerful Morning Routine

Morning Routine

How to Build a Powerful Morning Routine

The way you spend your morning sets the stage for the rest of the day. A great morning ritual can be a powerful tool for creating a positive and productive day. It may sound extreme, but morning rituals can truly be life-changing – bringing your body and mind into balance and helping you to achieve your greatest potential in your relationships and chosen endeavors. A morning routine also helps prepare your body for food, priming your digestive tract and clearing the body of toxins prior to consuming the first meal of the day.


morning routine

It is best to wake at or before sunrise, which allows the body to synchronize with the sun. Waking early promotes proper elimination by allowing Vata to capitalize on the pre-dawn hours. Proper elimination also removes Kapha, which naturally accumulates overnight. The Vata nature of early morning also supports good meditation. If you find it difficult to wake naturally, or if you live in an area of the world where it is dark for much of the day in the winder, you can try out a light-based alarm clock. 

I use (and love) this clock – It has a gentle light that simulates the sunrise, with a soft instrumental sound that accompanies the light once it reaches full power. Continue reading “Your Guide to a Powerful Morning Routine”